Thursday, May 13, 2010


Berakhirnya tour kami di Loch Ness/Inverness. Jom kita ke kota London!

Scotland ni kaya dengan Castle. Castle ini terdapat di pekan Inverness

Nah...Itu pun nessie!!!! (yg berwarna ungu). Itu la nessie batu yang diilhamkan oleh mereka

Kesejukan terkena hembusan angin

Menyeberangi tasik..mana tahu boleh nampak nessie

Cruise menyeberangi Loch Ness

Kedamaian dan kenyamanan yang tidak dapat dijual beli

Urquhart Castle

Salji Masih memutih

Salji yang telah keras

Berhenti seketika untuk melihat pemandangan gunung yang masih dilitupi salji tapi malangnya hari masih hujan.

Hari Ketiga kami di Scotland, kami bercadang ambil tour ke Loch Ness. Disitu kita juga boleh melawat Urquhart Castle. Agak Jauh juga perjalanan ke sana iaitu lebih kurang 4 1/2 jam. Cuaca tidak baik pada hari itu dan sepanjang Perjalanan hujan menemani kami. Tempat ini adalah tanah tinggi jadi kami masih dapat melihat di kejauhan gunung-gunung yang masih dilitupi salji dan semakin tinggi kami pergi semakin banyak salji yang masih boleh kami lihat dengan jelas ditepi-tepi jalan raya. Loch Ness mempunyai kisah tentang raksasa air yang digelar nessie.

Cerita perjumpaan nessie ini di terdapat didalam artikel dibawah:

"1933 was the year when the first photograph was taken of the monster, or what could be the monster. It showed something with a long neck arched over a thick body. This photograph, taken by a London surgeon caused a sensation when first published in the Daily Mail.
In 1951, Lachlan Stuart, a forestry worker who lived beside the loch, also managed to photograph the monster, if that is indeed what it was. He saw three humps in the water appear in line and ran back to his house to get his camera. After taking one photograph his camera shutter jammed, but his photograph got wide publicity as further proof of the existence of Nessie. Interest in Nessie became intense and over the years several scientific investigations have taken place. In 1961 the Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau was formed and even two submarines have been brought into the search with sonar experts on board! When the submarine Pisces was diving off Castle Urquhart, where the water is 950 feet deep, a vast underwater cavern was found. Was this Nessie's home?
Loch Ness
In 1975 four firemen from Hemel Hempstead decided that the monster must be a male, as all monsters usually are, so they built a 309 foot long papier-mâché 'lady monster' to attract 'Mr. Nessie'.
It had false eyelashes, full make-up and gave out a pre-recorded mating call. Unfortunately the mating call turned out to be that of a male walrus, so not unsurprisingly it didn't tempt Nessie!
It didn't help either when the lady monster got damaged when being put into the water. Her 'behind' was flattened by the jetty when a sudden wind blew her sideways. The attempt was abandoned.
The Loch Ness monster is not unique it seems - reports of similar creatures have come from other lochs in the West Highlands.
Nessie provides us with an enduring mystery and in the 21st century where there is an explanation for everything, it is pleasing to think that there are still mysteries like the Loch Ness Monster.
Indeed the most recent 'sighting' was in May 2007, when Gordon Holmes, a lab technician, took a video of what he described as 'this jet black thing, about 45 feet long, moving fairly fast in the water'. The video was broadcast by BBC Scotland and on STV's North Tonight programme. The credibility of the video has however come into question; amongst other concerns, the video does not include any objects or features by which the size of the 'thing' can be measured. It appears that the existence of 'Nessie' remains to be proved."

Selepas kami melawat urquhart castle kami pun menyeberangi loch ness dengan menaiki bot. Bayaran bot adalah GBP13 seorang. Semasa kami kesana kami berjumpa juga dengan nessie tapi hanya nessie batu hehehe! Gambar nanti menyusul.

Kami meneruskan perjalanan ke Inverness iaitu satu bandar kecil yang hampir dengan Loch Ness. Kami berhenti rehat dan minum disana dan selepas itu meneruskan perjalanan balik semula ke Edinburgh. Kami tiba di Edinburgh lebih kurang pukul 9.00mlm.

Kami mengambil luggage yang kami simpan di Hotel dan seterusnya mengambil bas ke airport. Kami terpaksa tidor di airport Edinburgh kerana flight kami ke London adalah pada pukul 6.00 pagi. Selamat tinggal Scotland! Scotland adalah sebuah tempat yang menarik dengan bangunan2 lama yang masih dikekalkan dan orangnya juga friendly.

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